Some say these KONG-tastic puppets have a life of their own. They were recruited to make brief appearances as KNG-TV’s mascots and now they’re so popular they’re running fan clubs of their own!

Da Bird

He’s a bird. He’s cute. He’s fun. He’s a stand up comic. He likes to do puns. His favorite saying is “The Kong Show gives you Da Bird! Get it? Da Bird!!” Bird, Bird, Bird, Da Bird is da word.

Kong the King

The white gorilla. He’s a legend! He’s a star! He’s slightly bananas! He prefers to remain silent! He never speaks in front of the camera, unless of course, if you wish to interview him! Then and only then will he speak!

Kool Kat

He’s a cat! He’s cool. He likes to hang out at cool places, doing cool things with cool friends. Cats are cool! His Kool Kat philosophy on life is “It’s more than you can Imagine!”