Meet KNG-TV’s off-stage, off-the-wall, behind-the-scenes, characters

Eugene Character Concept Sketch


KNG-TV’s former security guard and former front desk receptionist. We’re told he came into work one morning and had an episode. Story is he drove off with Maroney Spark’s car. Said he was going to take it to the car wash, but he got in that car and he drove it very far, far away. Some say, he’s coming back one day. What an episode that will be! Wait and see.

Max Maxine Character Concept Sketch

Max Maxine

Billionaire Maroney Spark’s brainy, brilliant, hot between the spreadsheets personal assistant and accountant. She’s got a thing for numbers and some say she also has a thing for Maroney, too! What’s a billionaire to do when the woman who handles all his private personal affairs, swears she not the jealous type?

Oola Character Concept Sketch


The question is? Can she even type? Who cares! Look at her. Oo! La! La! She’s KNG-TV’s new front desk receptionist and one of Maroney Spark’s latest love interests. The always on her iPhone Oola. She only ‘speaks’ Emoji, a language in which she is fluent. What do her Emojis really mean? Is Oola really short for Oo! La! La! And does Oola really do the Hula?